Prenuptial Agreements & Community of Goods

When entering into a relationship or marriage, most people insufficiently realise the financial consequences this entails. Partners often move in together without a cohabitation agreement, get married in community of goods without realising what this means, or get married with a prenuptial agreement, without being aware of its terms and conditions. Also, partners are often unaware of the consequences their actions during a relationship may have for their property and assets. These only become apparent when the relationship ends by separation, divorce or death. During a separation or divorce, the partners, or one of them, lays the foundation for a new future. To create such a foundation that is stable from both a financial and an emotional perspective, proper legal support is a necessity. In order to do this, first of all, all documents need to be gathered. Below is an overview of the necessary documents.

Make an informed choice from the beginning

Often, we not only advise and support in case of separation or divorce, but we can also help partners make an informed choice regarding (marital) community of goods at the start of the relationship. This is also known as premarital mediation. Using mediation techniques, we are well-placed to give advice on cohabitation contracts or prenuptial agreements. Should changes occur during the relationship, we will advise partners as to whether the choice of (marital) community of goods is still the optimal one.

"You showed a lot of drive in helping me, which was needed. The approach was also very personal, making me feel comfortable from the start."