Other Areas of Expertise

In addition to pure family law, Van Hilten also has what is known as a more general practice. This mainly concerns the fields of disciplinary law, real estate law and contract law.

The real estate practice is often concerned with issues regarding the buying and selling or leasing of commercial and living space. But some of us also have many years of experience with leaseholds, easements and disputes between neighbours.

Disciplinary law is a matter all of its own. In his eight years of experience serving on the Supervisory Board for The Hague, two of which as dean, our Willem de Vries was closely involved with disciplinary law for the lawyers. On account of this background, he often supports lawyers as well as other independent professionals, such as medical doctors and accountants. He does this for matters concerning professional partnerships and company shares, but also regarding ethics and disciplinary cases. It is generally ill-advised to represent oneself in such cases. Compare the doctor, who (never) operates on himself.