Guardianship, Financial Guardianship & Personal Guardianship

In our ageing society, more and more people are unable to take care of themselves. For example, because of an illness such as dementia. Certain people might abuse such a situation. Or someone may present a danger to themselves or to others. To prevent this and offer some protection, the courts may appoint someone to serve as advocate. This is often a trustworthy family member. Guardianship seeks to protect and represent an adult who, on account of a mental disability or some other reason is not (or no longer) sufficiently capable of looking after their own interests. This concerns the protection of both property rights and other interests, such as one's (mental) health. Financial guardianship, or a protective guardianship, is a measure which is much less far-reaching and seeks to safeguard the property interests of an adult. To protect an adult's interests in ways not relating to property, personal guardianship exists.

We often guide our clients through taking decisions in this field as well as conducting legal proceedings should an amicable solution prove impossible. Mediation is also an appropriate instrument to get all family members aligned.

"I want to thank you for your efforts, your help and your advice in my case. I am often very happy, and grateful to you, for having a broad visitation agreement and a great, positive relationship with my daughter."