Divorce and separation

A divorce or separation is generally seen as one of the most overwhelming and negative experiences that one may experience. A divorce can turn your life upside down. People find themselves facing a very uncertain time in their lives. Not only in terms of their family breaking up and seeing their children, but also in terms of their housing situation. Where should I live, or can I keep living here? There is also much uncertainty regarding one's entire financial situation. Our many years of experience have taught us that a divorce is not just a legal conflict. It is, at its core, a relationship issue with important legal and financial components. We will consider the divorce as a whole and guide through all of these aspects. A divorce means agreeing to a new rulebook. And it is best to do this properly. Because a badly arranged divorce can have negative effects for many years ahead.

We will guide you through the divorce or separation from start to finish. As a lawyer, a mediator or as a lawyer specialising in collaborative divorce. In each case, you can be certain that the divorce will be handled well from a legal perspective.

What a specialized divorce lawyer can do for you is also explained in this short video.

Below you may download a checklist of all the information and documents that we will need.