Divorce & Entrepreneur

Our clients include entrepreneurs and their partners requiring specific support during their divorce or separation. In cases such as these, company law and financial aspects play a major role, which makes receiving the right support of great importance. Some questions that might arise:

  • In case of divorce, must the business be divided or settled, and if so, at what value?
  • What to do with any pension claims?
  • How is maintenance calculated?
  • Is only the director/majority shareholder's salary of interest, or do extractions in cash and/or dividend payments also count?
  • How much liquidity can be made available for maintenance in the business?
  • Do the financial statements take on a different appearance during the year of the divorce?

Often, a multi-disciplinary approach is best. We cooperate closely with civil-law notaries, accountants and tax lawyers. Our specific knowledge and experience regarding entrepreneurs and separation or divorce is what sets us apart from many other family law lawyers.

"How is it possible that you, the fourth law firm, did end up being able to reach a settlement? Now I can move on again. Once again, thank you so much."