Child maintenance

After a divorce, the obligation to take care of each other, as well as any children, will continue to exist. This obligation may lead the former spouse having to pay maintenance to the other partner (partner maintenance). If there are children, the parents will continue to be responsible for maintaining their children after the divorce or separation. That is why the parent taking care of the children must often be paid child maintenance.


The amount and duration of the obligation to pay maintenance depends on personal circumstances. The "naked" figures are certainly not all there is to it, especially if a business is involved. Those are the very cases in which the lawyer must be able to comprehend a company's annual statements and corporate structure. We possess the specialised knowledge necessary to do this, and can also perform maintenance calculations (including for tax purposes).

Changing circumstances

Future changes in circumstances, such as a new job, a new partner or moving home, can lead to changes in maintenance. We can assess whether a request for a change has any chance of succeeding.

Below you may download an overview of all the information we need to be able to advise you on the amount of any partner or child maintenance.