Areas of expertise

Everything is made to measure. Because each case is different. Together with you, we will find the best way for us to assist you in cases that are often highly emotionally charged. With our professional expertise and experience, but also with care, engagement and empathy. As lawyers or mediators we offer structure, take a load off your mind and, if necessary, opt for a multi-disciplinary and problem-solving approach. We can guide you through a divorce from start to finish. And because of our knowledge of the legal consequences of prenuptial agreements and cohabitation contracts when a relationship ends, we are also especially happy to help you draw up such agreements. We are also the expert and experienced professionals you are looking for in case of ambiguities or thorny matters surrounding an inheritance. We will discuss and negotiate when needed, we will sue when necessary. To better serve our clients, we also maintain close relationships with financial and tax specialists, civil-law notaries, child experts and pension advisers.

Family law is a very wide area of law. It includes divorce and separation, parental authority and visitation rights, prenuptial agreements and maintenance, but also inheritance law, guardianship, financial guardianship and personal guardianship. Fortunately, there are more and more different roads leading to a solution to issues of family law, with processes such as mediation or collaborative divorce, thereby avoiding going to court. Whether you opt for any of these processes depends on the trust that is placed in them, possibly in consultation with the other parties involved. Our lawyers and mediators regularly meet to discuss matters and work in teams, which are often multi-disciplinary in their composition. This guarantees optimum knowledge transfer and involvement with the substance of the case.

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