Van Hilten Advocaten & Mediators closes down as of November 1st

The partners of Van Hilten Advocaten & Mediators at Amsterdam and The Hague have by mutual agreement decided to end their collaboration.

Emma Kostense will continue her current practice at the law firm SmeetsGijbels in (1071 KP) Amsterdam at the Jacob Obrechtstraat 70 (see

Willem de Vries will continue his current practice at the law firm ScheerSanders Advocaten in (2585 ED) The Hague at the Nassauplein 36 (see

Margreet Ruijgrok, Monique Beijersbergen, Coen van den End, Sabrina De Jong en Zoë Vis will launch a new law firm named Silk Advocaten en Mediators. Silk Advocaten en Mediators will be located at the current address in (1075 HJ) Amsterdam at De Lairessestraat 129 and in (2596 AL) The Hague at the Zuid Hollandlaan 7 (Spaces) (see

Edith van Ruitenbeek will discontinue her law practice and will focus on other professional activities.

Raya Oranje-Jorna will launch a law firm in (2514 AB) The Hague at the Koninginnegracht 19, named Raya Jorna Advocaat en Mediator (see

van Hilten Advocaten & Mediators over ons
Willem de Vries

Willem de Vries
lawyer & mediator

Willem de Vries specialises in inheritance law, disciplinary law and real estate. His extensive practical knowledge, his capacity of empathy and his years of experience make him a much sought-after sparring partner for both clients and co-workers. As a member of the Supervisory Board and as dean, Willem was active for many years in managing the Bar Association of the Hague. In that capacity, he obtained much expertise in advising and mediating in business and other conflicts. The combination of practical and management experience, as well as his years spent as deputy judge in Delft (from 1994 onwards) render him a solid lawyer who can be deployed in many situations, a "trusted advisor". Willem is known to be truly at home in the courtroom. Pleading comes natural to him, but his motto remains "sue if necessary, settle if possible".

He started in 1978 at Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn in The Hague, was lawyer-partner at that firm from 1984 to 2006 and deputy State's Attorney from 1996 to 2006. In 2006 he joined Krans & van Hilten Advocaten, the current Van Hilten Advocaten & Mediators, as lawyer-partner. Amongst other things, Willem is a member of the Association of Lease Law Lawyers (Vereniging van Huurrecht Advocaten, VHA) and the Association of Agrarian Law Lawyers (Vereniging van Agrarisch Recht Advocaten, VARA). Willem is married and has four children.