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Monique Beijersbergen

Monique Beijersbergen
lawyer & mediator

Since graduating from Leiden University in 2007 and the University of Amsterdam in 2008, Monique Beijersbergen has been working as a lawyer specialising in family law. She focuses on matters in the field of family law in the broadest sense of the word (e.g. divorce and all the consequences that are involved, such as the children, the establishment of a parenting plan and the settlement of property law; parentage, contact and custody matters, maintenance issues and administration and/or receivership). Monique also deals with many international affairs. The starting point is always to come to good agreements in mutual consultation. When this turns out not to be possible, Monique assists her clients in proceedings.

Monique has successfully completed the legal training in family law, the legal specialization family law and the mediation training of the association for Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS). As a divorce mediator, Monique guides future ex-partners during their (divorce) proceedings.

In 2017 Monique has successfully completed the specialization training special curator in youth affairs. Since then, she has regularly been appointed as a special curator by the court. As a special curator Monique looks after the interests of the child. Monique translates "the voice" of the child so that the judge takes it into account in order to take a well-considered decision.

Monique's working method is characterized by involvement, quality and a solution-oriented approach. She does her utmost to come up with good solutions in the interest of her clients. In doing so, she does not lose sight of the interests of the child.


Monique joined Van Hilten Advocaten & Mediators in September 2019. Previously, since 2008, she worked as a family lawyer at De Clercq Advocaten in Leiden, Wille Donker Advocaten in Alphen a/d Rijn and Verhoeff Advocaten & Mediators in The Hague.


Monique is a member of the association Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS). She is regularly asked as an annotator for the journal Jurisprudence in the Netherlands (JIN). Monique lives together with her partner in Leiden.