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Edith van Ruitenbeek-de Bekker

Edith van Ruitenbeek-de Bekker
lawyer & mediator

Partly because of her fluent command of French and English, but also because she is drawn to the complexity of the international dimension, Edith van Ruitenbeek-de Bekker has specialised in international and financially complex divorces. Edith van Ruitenbeek is also divorce mediator, collaborative divorce lawyer and certified inheritance mediator. Edith has a background in mathematics, but she has been a lawyer for over 20 years and is specialised in family law. She is capable of empowering clients as well as taking charge. This is partly because of her analytic strength and the fact that she is a true team player. This is also the role she plays in a network of civil-law notaries, tax lawyers, accountants and certainly when working with (child) psychologists. She regularly confers with the judiciary and other organisations regarding developments in the field of family law. She has also written various articles and given various lectures and courses in this field.

After a non-legal start to her career, she has been active as a lawyer in The Hague since 1997. In 2001 she joined Krans & Van Hilten as a lawyer, later becoming lawyer-partner. In 2012 she was a co-founder of Van Hilten de Vries van Ruitenbeek Advocaten & Mediators, the predecessor of the current Van Hilten Advocaten & Mediators, one of the four largest firms specialising in family law in the Netherlands.

Among other things, Edith is a member of the Federation of Mediators in the Netherlands (Mediatorsfederatie Nederland, MfN), the Association of Collaborative Professionals (Vereniging van Collaborative Professionals, VvCP), the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP), the Dutch Association of Lawyers (Nederlandse Juristen Vereniging, NJV) and the association for Family Law Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vereniging Familierecht Advocaten Scheidingsmediators, vFAS) and is linked to the Foundation for InheritanceInheritance Mediation (Stichting Nalatenschapsmediation). Her side activity includes member of the committee Family and Child Law for the Supervisory Board of The Hague (since 2007). Edith is married and has two children.